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Workshop for hearing impaired children


Short Description: Workshop for hearing impaired children Date : 18/06/2017 Time : 11:00 am

Conducted workshop at hotel Tushar in Akola about hearing impairment in children. 60 hearing impaired children & their parents attended this workshop. Early diagnosisof hearing loss,it's confirmation by various tests and it's management by hearing aids and Cochlear implant surgery was discussed at length in panel discussion. Panel comprised of Dr. Narendra Rathi (pediatrician), Dr.Manisha Rathi (Gynacologist), Dr.Niranjan Agrawal (Pediatrician), Dr. Bhagyashri Gupta (ENT Surgeon) and Vishal Hiremath (Audiologist). Parental queries were addressed in details. Children who have undergone  cochlear implant and their parents shares their personal experiences.